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In partnership with The Leading Edge Corporation, we help businesses and individuals develop and enhance the skills required to attain or maintain a competitive advantage. We have trained thousands in more than 120 countries since 1985. Programs are developed to be flexible. An initial meeting will enable us to customize the programs to meet specific company and/or individual needs.

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  • The Gallup Organization estimates that there are 22 million actively disengaged employees that cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity, including absence, illness and other problems that result when workers are unhappy at work.

  • Fifty-two percent of executives will die of diseases related to stress.

  • A U.S. Public Health Survey estimated that 70 to 80 percent of Americans who visit a physician each year suffer from a stress-related disorder.

  • More than 2 million workers say their bosses are so overworked they don’t have time to manage their staff properly.

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